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Billiard tube
$ 45 /pc
BilliardPartner, SP, UA Perth, AU
A hard tube for transporting and storing a billiard cue will protect your cue from mechanical damage and protect it from temperature extremes and climatic influences. The tube is equipped with a
Запасные части к пельменным аппаратам JGL-120, JGL-135
Price not specified
Запад-Восток, LLC, RU Perth, AU
Предлагаем запасные части, комплектующие и расходные материалы к пельменным аппаратам JGL-120, JGL-135: Формующие блоки Формующий блок "Вареники" (JGL-120/ JGL-135) шт. Формующий блок "Пельмени"
Газопоршневая электростанция SUMAB (MWM) 4 000 Квт
Price not specified
Строительное Оборудование, PE, UA Perth, AU
Представитель Шведской компании Sumab Energy – предлагает Вам ознакомиться с оборудованием для выработки электроенергии и тепла - когенерации. Компания Sumab Energy активно сотрудничает с
Продаем УГОЛЬ из ЮАР
Price not specified
ARION Company, LLP, KZ Perth, AU
Наша компания представляет интересы крупной компании по добыче угля в Южно-Африканской Республике, и мы можем организовать гарантированные поставки угля из этой страны. Отгрузка осуществляется
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Billiard cue
$ 140 /pc
BilliardPartner, SP, UA Adelaide, AU
This is an exclusive handmade billiard cue, which has good game characteristics. Zapil is a plywood of different types of wood in the form of ticks, directed in different directions. Such cuts
Vacuum fryer
Price not specified
Normit food, S.R.O., SK Adelaide, AU
The Normit VF vacuum deep-fat fryer is designed for batch frying of vegetable, fruit, seafood, meat and fish products. The Normit VF vacuum fryer comprises the following elements: vacuum frying
Linseed oil and cake
 800 /t
Херсон Зерно, PE, UA Adelaide, AU
Good day Our company from Ukraine produces and supplies linseed oil, we have successful experience with several Chinese companies selling linseed oil. If you are interested in this cooperation offer,
Coal Sale from Republic of Indonesia
Price not specified
ARION Company, LLP, KZ Adelaide, AU
Our Company represents the interests of a major coal extraction company in the Indonesia and we are able to arrange the guaranteed coal supplies from this country. The shipment is carried out by sea
Turkey turkey meat
$ 2.66-2.70 /kg wholesale
Погулич Ю.В., SP, UA Adelaide, AU
Export of frozen and chilled turkey and turkey carcasses. Highest quality, all products are certified, the full package of documents. Export from Ukraine to any country in the world. ‎ Olena
Urea 46%
from $ 175 /t wholesale
Казахстанская Промышленная..., LLP, KZ Adelaide, AU
Sell urea 46% for 175$ without transport production of Turkmenistan Urea grade A, B 50 000 tons per month Application: use in industry as a raw material in the manufacture of resins, adhesives, etc.,